Oct 17

The 2016 Honor Cards are Available!

honor-card-2016The Exodus Homes’ 2016 William Mangum Honor Card “Hope in Front of Me” is now available for the holidays. North Carolina watercolor artist William Mangum is a hands-on advocate for homeless people, donating his artistic skills and publishing gifts to make The Honor Card one of the most well leveraged charitable programs in the country. When someone buys an Honor Card for $5.00 or more, the card is given to someone to let them know that a gift has been made in their honor to Exodus Homes.  Each card has information about Exodus Homes and about the Honor Card program.

A chance meeting in 1987 with Mike Saavedra, a homeless man, changed Bill Mangum’s perspective on life forever. That outreach gave Bill a new view on how he would use his talent to help those less fortunate. As The Honor Card program continues to grow, Bill employs his artistic gifts, generating resources needed to help solve community problems and meet area needs. In its 29th year the Honor Card is utilized in fourteen cities and has raised over $6 million.

Each year, The Honor Card features a contemplative painting by Mangum, one of the most respected and collected artists in the United States. This year’s painting is “Hope in Front of Me”, and he hopes 2016 Honor Card sales will help Exodus Homes continue to do great work in providing faith based supportive housing to homeless recovering people returning to the community from treatment centers and prison.

“Hope is as important as the air we breath it’s as vital as the blood pumping through our body and essential to spur us on through the challenges of each day. Hope is basic to life… without that needed spark of hope we are doomed to a dark, grim existence. Take away our hope and our world is reduced to something between depression and despair. Hope is more than wishful thinking.”

Churches and businesses are welcome to pick up packets of cards and displays at the Exodus Homes office. Money raised and any unsold cards left will be collected the week of December 29th. Individuals can buy cards and send them, or request an order form and Exodus Homes will send the cards.

Contact: Rev. Susan Smith revsusanwalker@gmail.com or 828-962-8196

Download an Honor Card Order Form.  Please print this form and mail it with your check to Exodus Homes P.O. Box 3311, Hickory, N.C. 28603